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Solved: I tried loging in today and i was prompted with a message "a firewall may I have noticed that this problem is recurent on all my platforms Mac book pro.
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Just untick the box and retype your password in the field. I had the same problem, and the same solution! I just entered my password again into the client. Didn't uncheck anything. Mee too omg its like seeing all these happy people with it working and were just the odd balls Not working for me either I want my music back.

What To Do If Your Firewall Blocks Spotify (or Sonos)

I usually use facebook to log in I even changed that password.. Found a solution! Hope this helps someone!! Good Luck!! Soooo happy to have my music back. I even put Spotify as an excepted program and it kept saying the same thing I am so done with spotify, hello youtube to mp3. Finally got it after many tries. What worked for me was entering the usual proxy information for our firewall, re-typing the Spotify password, and unchecking the remember me box.

None of these solutions work for me either.

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I try logging in with different accounts, problem remains the same. Why is it??! Did not work for me either! Working with a big school-assignement, and rly need spotify: I was able to log in, but the it was saying i was in offline mode, then said i had the error. My forewall is not bocking spotify i got my network manager to check this for me and I have tried all this advice resetting passwords and unticking boxes etc.

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If i am honest i do not understand what a proxy is so am unsure how to reset it, can anybody give anymore advice about how to get my music back? For me it worked if you re-type your password. Which means remove the letter, then type it in again, worked for me. Very weird. I had the same thing I had to unblock spotify from my mcafee firewall, because when it updated it automatically blocked it again. Hope that helps someone. I love me some spotify. I got the error message saying the firewall proxy settings are blocking it. I run mcAfee and allowed spotify all access through the firewall, unchecked the remember me box, retyped login and password still no access, just started spotify and its not looking too good for the program so far.

Tried all "solutions" and none work, don't know what's going on error It was working previously and firewall had spotify as an exception. Any solutions?

Spotify Error 117 Fix

I have the same problem and we seem to get it on the same day. One day later and I'm trying again. And nothing worked. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Hi everybody; Your computer may have come with McAfee as internet protection software. However this will expire at some point. Then you no longer have security but the program still messes with your computer. Worked for me. I've unchecked the 'remember me' box, retyped my password, tried downloading it 3 times over, tried using firewall and it still comes up as error Same for me.

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  8. Tried absolutely everything. Nothing works on Windows 7 with the Windows firewall turned on OR off. Error keeps coming up!

    For me the problem was with McAfee. Open the McAfee Security Center, then: All those things cannot work for me. It still says An error occured A firewall may be blocking your Internet connection error Additionally you could try to change the currently used proxy settings.

    Can anyone tell me what to do? Turned out McAfee was surreptitiously blocking it! Hope this helpe some people! Thank You so much abt McAfee settings an step by step..

    Spotify Error Fix

    Ur the best!!! They usually have a built in firewall which may need configuring. Have you tried spotify tech support? Sorry, can't help on this software. Yes os x Your idea about University firewall may be correct.

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    They also may have restricted or no access to certain sites that may have a suspicious history or their certificates cannot be trusted common problem. However, I could not post on another forum although I was authenticated. It turned out that the "send referrer" option was disabled I was using iCab that has this option on or off. I suggest you try other browsers than the one you are using. There is about 10 browsers for Mac currently, and they are not exactly the same.

    Another option - talk to your IT people to confirm that this is not their setting.

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    • 1. Open your security software?

    I will try to talk to them because it does seem possible, also im new to mac so they might say something that it totally obvious that i had no idea about I logged out and did exactly the same thing but my has the notification and firewall pop up. Just to confirm, are you in a different country than the one your Spotify account is set to? If that's the case, and you're using Spotify Free, try updating the country following these steps.

    If you're paying for a Premium subscription, make sure you don't have multiple accounts, and you're logging in to the correct one. I got the same message firewall blocking spotify , but since I'm in another country I figured it is that. So I changed my password, logged in online and tried to change the country, but I can't change it. While I am in another country then it says. So does that mean I can't listen to it anymore?

    I already reinstalled it, changed my password, changed the proxy thing, tried whatever I could think of, but I still get the same message Thank you. My problem was the same as "A firewall may be blocking Spotify. Please update your firewall to allow Spotify", I changed the country setup and now everything is fine. Let's try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito window to make the change. As a last resource, I suggest using a different device and internet connection altogether to update it.

    I have just solved the same issue. Just follow some steps. Step 1: Step 2: