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I just received a fascinating book on the Apollo missions full of BASIC programs. I' m not a software developper (otherwise I would create an OS.
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From Ron Nicholson: Latest Stories. Google relaxes proposed Chrome changes that would have broken many ad blockers The revised proposal raises the cap on the number of sites that an ad blocker can block. Read more. Google aims to thwart websites that block users of Chrome's Incognito Mode A new feature in Chrome will better hide your Incognito session so websites can't detect it. Summary This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Reply to this review Was this review helpful?

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You can use the search bar at the top to quickly find a specific preference pane, or click View to toggle alphabetic sorting. You should take some time to familiarize yourself with the most common sections.

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A few tweaks you might want to make soon after you start using your new Mac are:. Click on the three-line icon in the top-right corner of your screen to display Notification Center and Today screen. You can also swipe with two fingers from the right edge of the trackpad, or set up hot corners to make triggering this feature even easier. The Today screen is essentially an area for widgets, which are small snippets of information and interactive elements that tie in to your other apps.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Edit to view your available widgets. Drag them to reorder them, and click on the green Plus or red Minus symbols to add and remove widgets. When an app wants to send you notifications, you will receive a request that you can approve or deny. Incoming notifications will appear in the top-right corner of the screen, just below the menu bar.

Gestures trigger certain features and speed up navigation. By pressing slightly harder than you would to trigger a regular click, you can trigger a Force Touch—essentially a whole new mouse button for context-sensitive operations 10 Genuinely Useful Force Touch Trackpad Gestures on a Mac 10 Genuinely Useful Force Touch Trackpad Gestures on a Mac Apple's Force Touch technology enables for pressure-sensitive clicks, which can vastly speed up how you access some of the system's most useful shortcuts. Some useful ones to start you off are:. You can send video or audio or both to an AirPlay receiver like an Apple TV by clicking on the AirPlay icon below in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

You can also send media to receivers using the AirPlay icon when you see it in other apps, like iTunes and Spotify. This is ideal for presentations and sharing photos, but performance will depend on your network speed and interference. Launch Finder and click on AirDrop in the sidebar to scan for a list of available recipients.

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You can share virtually anything using AirDrop from your Mac. You can also use the Share button built into many Mac apps, like Safari and Notes. We can step you through all of your available options. Siri on Mac is just like Siri on iPhone. Examples include stock data, sports fixtures and tables, local weather forecasts, and calculations made with Wolfram Alpha.

Not all iCloud services require iCloud storage. It maintains the same library contents across devices, and requires no storage space online or otherwise unless you decide to save content offline.

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Just make sure file sizes are under 50GB. You can retrieve the contents of your library on any iCloud-connected device. The former allows you to track your laptop from the web and other Apple devices; the latter is a remote control VNC solution. These include basics like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Notes.

This web frontend is most useful as a webmail service for iCloud mail, for tracking your devices and friends, or for working on documents remotely. For important system downloads including security fixes, firmware updates, and new versions of first-party Apple software, launch the App Store app and click on the Updates tab. Any third-party apps you install from the Mac App Store will also receive updates in this manner. Apps you install from the web or through other means will require updating manually. Most applications will automatically notify you of updates and offer to download and install them for you.

It works using an external drive, though you can specify network locations if you want. Specify the drive you want to use to back up your Mac. With a disk specified, Time Machine will start backing up your Mac. Every time you connect this hard drive, Time Machine will kick in and create a backup. When your drive becomes full, the oldest backups are deleted first. You can browse your backups at any time by connecting your Time Machine hard drive, then clicking the Time Machine icon in the menu bar and selecting Enter Time Machine.

The purpose of this backup is to restore your Mac to its current glory if something goes wrong. That includes hardware or operating system failure, or even moving to an entirely new Mac. The most obvious one is maintaining a decent buffer of free space. Your Mac will experience performance issues when it runs low on space. The operating system and many third-party apps rely on usable free space for regular operating. If possible, try to maintain a bare minimum of 10GB of space on your Mac at all times. The Store in iCloud feature lets you automatically upload and download files to iCloud as needed.

You can also choose to enable the Empty Trash Automatically feature, which permanently erases items in your Trash after 30 days. Finally, click on the Review Files button to see a breakdown of the largest and least-used files on your Mac. These free apps will let you know. Here are several places to find and clear temporary files to regain storage space on macOS. Here are all your options for adding more storage space to your MacBook.

QBASIC/BASIC Compiler for OS X?

It emulates the most common hardware video, audio, DOS disk drives, cassette tapes, serial and parallel ports, etc at the time, can read and write binary data files created by the original GW-BASIC, and is able to run plain text, tokenised and protected. BAS files.

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  8. The compiler comes with its own IDE, although you can of course use some other editor if you prefer. It supports the addition of DLLs called modules here that provide additional functionality, such as the Crypto module which adds cryptographic functions which you can call from your application, the SMTP, FTP, TCP modules which Internet-enables your applications, sound-playing modules, and so on. Gambas is a Basic development environment supporting the Basic programming language with object extensions.

    The archiver combines all the files in your project into a single executable file. Although not intended to be a Visual Basic clone , it has a visual rapid application development interface like VB. Mono is an open source cross-platform implementation of Microsoft's. NET Development Framework. It includes a VB compiler VB. NET virtual machine code, not native code that was still under development at the time of this writing, a runtime for CLR the Common Language Infrastructure and a set of libraries.

    You can embed the runtime into your applications. It is geared towards programmers who are creating games for the Macintosh. The development environment makes it easy for you to create and edit your code, add graphics and sprites to your program, sounds, music, maps, and define inputs for your game.

    At the time this brief review was written, a beta version for Mac OS X support is also available. Unlike the original Liberty Basic, this compiler creates standalone native executables that do not rely on an external interpreter. It generates bit executables that run under Windows and DOS. At the time this was written, the compiler is still very new, and has little documentation. I think it compiles to intermediate code which is then executed by an interpreter. It is also able to generate code for an Android phone or tablet though you have to develop your programs on Windows first.

    The language has built-in support for vectors and matrices and you can perform mathematical operations on them add, multiply using vector and matrix notation algebra.