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Grand Finale official lyrics by Mac Miller: The hallucinations have stopped, finally , thank God, but uh, my adrenaline.
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Like what if he was fully aware of what was about to happen and he did do it intentionally. Huge eye opener for me in my life. Rest In Paradise Malcom. They're saying his house was swept clean before the police arrived, so I'm thinking he might have left a note or something to his loved ones and whoever came to his house took the note for obvious reasons.

If he actually planned this, or knew it was going to happen eventually, then there's no way he wouldn't have left something behind. It's just a theory, but I agree with you and most other commenters. Actually I think his homies were doing the right thing. Making sure "Heroin found at scene of Mac Miller's death" wasn't a headline. Good thing they cleaned all the drugs out.

You don't want that shit all over the news and have him remembered that way. Man, thank you for saying this. Watching interviews from him at a much younger age you can see that he knew exactly what drugs can do to a persons life and he never wanted any part of that. I think at some people he just looked around and realized he had gotten himself into the situation he never wanted to be in and then he felt helpless and like he would inevitably not make it past this. I just saw a post in this thread from an interview that states every final song on an album is death.

Like he faked his death or something and is gunna come back to life after he digs out of his coffin. Half in a casket - the way his hands are placed - and the feet sticking out make it look like he's falling backwards into the black. I'm not sure, but I don't think it's too crazy of a theory. I feel like he's half in the casket dressed up for a funeral with his feet bare like how dead people get a toe tag, and that the plane window is him going into the ground but he will be going into the clouds to a better place.

The tracks in the first half chart his fall. By Self Care, he's in the grave. But, reminded of his own mortality, he digs his way out of a casket with new resolve to live. He fights his way out of the casket - with a cool, collected air - and lands on top.

Mac Miller’s Battle With Addiction

The second half of the album tracks an ascent - Wings, Ladders, Jet Fuel, etc - the nature of which is open to interpretation. Is it life post-death, an ascent to heaven? Or is it about the climb, the journey, self-improvement? Probably both - he's mixing metaphors about getting high with an earnest desire to live. In 'Dunno' the clouds seem to be heaven, where he'll be happy and meet Ariana again. By the end of the album, though, Mac lets us know that this simple linear narrative is a lie.

He says in his last interview that he wouldn't want all happiness or all sadness, life is both. He really doesn't believe in simple narratives. By the end of the album, with , he's reflecting on his career and demonstrating a kind of maturity in his mindset, and with "So It Goes" he's shrugging his shoulders and admitting there's no grand finale, no moral to the story, he just keeps going. Apparently Mac was already working on his next project, which would be called "Circles. It's very postmodern, to reject a neat and tidy ending to the album, instead opting for a kind of resigned shrug.

Together, the projects would be "Swimming" n "Circles. Maybe Mac did read Kurt Vonnegut, and maybe "so it goes" is a reference to his own death. But all accounts of those close to him believe he was in a good place and excited to go on tour and put out another album, and that the OD was an accident.

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As Mac matured, his lyrics were less literal - and more complex. And "So it goes" in Slaughterhouse 5 is about resignation rather than death. With his use of the phrase, Mac admits "hey, it is what it is. This is life. Mac in would have liked a grand finale. Mac in was smarter than that, more introspective. He'd been in this dark space before, and he knew there was light on the other end.

He was just on the downside of a cycle. Round and round. For him, the journey isn't linear, it's circular.

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Like a record. The album cover art references all of this so intelligently. The casket isn't in the ground anymore. He's inverted it. It stands up straight, like a Ladder. He's not wearing black, he's wearing bright pink. He's still standing sitting down.

All the Times Mac Miller Spoke Candidly About His Sobriety Struggles

And behind the casket is an airplane window with the sky. He's ready to take flight. I think he overdosed on purpose, just too sick of the world and wanted it to end. Especially because he tweeted the day before he died that for the outro for So it Goes he told jon brion to play "ascention to heaven".

And it was the last thing he played on his instagram story, that outro. Also they found little sign in his apartment of drug use, like it had been cleaned. Maybe he wanted to look positive and happy last days of his life. In self care he does say "fall in september".

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Songs about wishing he could get out of his head. The album felt so positive about his improvement when it came out, now looking back, so many lines sound depressing. His last few tweets about wishing the tour was sooner, almost like he knew what he was gonna do to himself but wish he couldn't have to. But then why the tour? Why all the positive lyrics?

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  5. Were the positive interviews about him being fine now just him trying to make it seem like he was finally happy before he went out? Or was it really all an accident? I've been thinking about this a lot and don't know what to make of it. Prehap's he didn't want to leave behind a 'dirty' if you will reputation of himself. Maybe Swimming was his last effort to clear his conscience, leave behind a positive message.

    For whatever reason Mac drowned.. A great majority of people who commit suicide have future plans, mostly because the act itself becomes impulsive and "in the moment". He may have thought about doing it but never let it set in stone in his mind so he continued on with his success and life until the end. Like im depressed, like diagnosed by a doctor ass depressed and honestly I refuse to take meds and I have done some amount of drugs like mac tbh which isn't good but you have days where you wake up happy as fuck ready to do everything you can and you have days where you just don't want to get out of bed and be alone.

    Honestly listen to swimming It's half and half. Either the songs have an upbeat tone but depressing lyrics or the song has a gloomy overtone. I think he made this album expressing his feelings when he put together each songs from day to day. Met Mac Miller back in Super sweet guy. So many lives lost to mental health and addiction. Please reach out for help if you or someone you know is struggling. There are people here for you. In his self-released mixtape Faces, Miller rapped about his addiction, which had seemingly worsened since Blue Side Park.

    I'm a human being, like, drove home drunk. But it was the best thing that could have happened I needed that. I needed to run into that light pole and literally like, have the whole thing stop. Miller openly admitted that he used promethazine and cocaine in the years after his chart-topping debut album, Blue Slide Park, but in an interview with Rolling Stone last month, he insisted his drug use was in the past.

    What can I really do? But am I a drug addict? Of his DUI arrest, Miller said: What does that specific event mean for my whole character? But people are going to draw their own conclusions. The same day, Miller dropped his latest album, Swimming , in which he made several references to his depression. Depression was at the top of Miller's mind in his latest interview with Vulture , which was conducted the week of Aug.

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    I want to be able to have good days and bad days Miller rapped about those hurt feelings in his last performance, on Sept. Watch below. Mac Miller Dead at Chance the Rapper, Questlove and More React.