Mac pro card application denied

MAC Pro only processes applications online, so it's important for you to visit the website to Union card; Professional license; Publication masthead; Agency composite card However, if your application is declined, you will receive a refund.
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Problems with Mac Pro Card applicationHELP!

Oh wow, they did! The program isn't as accessible for freelance makeup artists anymore. Yes, lots of changes to the Pro membership. There were just too many who abused the system. PRO King of Blending. Everyone was making youtube videos on how its so easy to get a mac pro card. They ruined it for real freelance makeup artist. Missed those. But yes, it ruined it for the rest of us. I just went to renew my pro card that I have had for probably about 8 years.

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I was denied because now they require manicurists to be repped by an agency. I get that they are trying to crack down on abusers but most nailtechs are not repped by agencies. I know A LOT of nailtechs and maybe only 10 are with agencies.

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    Re: Problems with Mac Pro Card application...HELP!

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