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I'd like to change all of the folders from the bright blue that came with the next version of Mac OS allows us to simply change the color within.
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  6. Your email address will not be published. I have searched many links but no one knows how to change folder colours for Mac Mojave OS.

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    I cannot believe there is not an easier and less time intensive way to change folder colors I want red and green and dark blue and purple. Come on Apple, you can make this happen with a right click and choose a color and ZAP I wish I knew how to program, I would fix this up for everybody who wants a little variety!

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    Click to select the smaller version of that colored folder on the left side of the window and use the Copy command again to copy it. You can close the Preview window without saving it after you copy the new folder color. Finally, go to the desktop folder you want to change, press the Command and I keys again to open its Get Info box and click to select the folder at the top of the window.

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    With the folder selected, press the Command and V keys or go to the Edit menu and pick Paste to change the folder to the new color. Close the Get Info box.

    Because the Copy and Paste commands work in the Get Info boxes of files and folders, you can also use them to replace standard folder icons with other icons , including third-party novelty icon sets easily found online. Personal Tech invites questions about computer-based technology to techtip nytimes.