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Facebook Dashboard Widget for Mac, free and safe download. Facebook Dashboard Widget latest version: Notifications on your desktop. OS. Mac OS X .
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Just For Fun Fun widgets to brighten up your Dashboard. Look up TV listings, track hot movies, and show up on time.

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Music 84 These widgets will have you singing, dancing, and tuning your iTunes. News Track the latest feeds from news agencies near and far. Reference From the essential to the esoteric, these widgets can ask anything. Search 72 Leave no stone unturned with quick and powerful search widgets. Shopping 90 Find deals, track orders and shop from your Dashboard. Transportation 37 Get out the door on time with widgets for traffic, trains and timetables.

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Travel 43 Plan your next trip with interactive maps and panoramic photos. Webcams 35 Visit the world through the eyes of these webcam widgets. Then turn to these desktop clients, which will give you most of the site functionality without forcing you to head to the Web. A lot is happening on Facebook.

Not only are your friends telling the world what's going on in their lives, but the social network itself is changing. It's more open now than before, thanks to the Facebook Connect program, and there are several good products that let you see Facebook data in new ways. You don't have to use Facebook. Here are some of the best desktop applications. It's in beta testing, but it works as advertised: It's a little buggy, but it was just released.

TweetDeck TweetDeck is one of the most popular Twitter desktop clients, and now the app's developers are vying for Facebook dominance too. The upcoming version of TweetDeck lets you send a message just to Twitter, just to Facebook, or to both simultaneously. Once installed, the new version also includes a column displaying friends' status updates, and it offers the ability to chat with them via Facebook chat directly. The app isn't available to everyone just yet, but its public release is right around the corner.

Facebook Desktop A Windows-only app, Facebook Desktop provides real-time updates, lets you see wall posts, view messages, and read friend requests. It's one of the best-looking apps, too. Facebook Photo Uploader The folks at the Google Code Base have a neat little desktop app for Windows users that allows them to upload photos directly to Facebook and tag them before they get to the service. It's not the best-looking app, and it's a little buggy, but I'm impressed by its ease of use.

Facebook Tray Notify Sometimes, a desktop client just gets in the way. If you feel that way, turn to Facebook TrayNotify.

20 Facebook desktop apps to try

It's a lightweight app that sits in your taskbar awaiting Facebook notifications. Once it receives them, alerts pop up, letting you know about the updates. If you want to act on them, you'll need to go to the Facebook site to do so. Besides filling you in on friends' status updates, you can update your own Facebook status, and see notifications and requests without going to the Facebook Web site--it all works within Outlook on your desktop.

In fact, it's one of the first apps I fire up. The app sends you profile notifications, including tagged photos, pokes, and messages, but it doesn't allow you to update anything while on your desktop. Fonebook If you're an Outlook user, and you have a mobile phone that supports Outlook, check out the Fonebook app.

Once installed on your desktop, the app will transfer your contacts and photos from Facebook to Outlook.

9 Mac Dashboard Widgets You'll Actually Use

That can then be synced with an Outlook-compatible phone so whenever someone calls, the person's picture and information will pop up on your mobile-phone screen. It will display messages, pokes, friend requests, group invites, and other notifications. It updates whenever new notifications filter in.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto If you want to upload photos into Facebook, and you don't want to waste your time firing up Safari, use the Facebook Exporter for iPhoto. It's the best photo-uploading service for Macs. It allows you to find photos in iPhoto, tag them with your friends' names, add captions, and upload them as an album to your profile.

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It's incredibly easy to use. The service finds matches in your friends list and adds all their information, including name, address, phone number, and other data to your Address Book. It even adds their photos to the app. Facile If you simply want to update your status update or view all your friends' status updates, Facile for the Mac is a nice way to do it.