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If you purchased a retail licensed CS4 product and no longer have the How long does it take to download a product? After Effects CS4.
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Unlimited creative options Manipulate moving and still images using hundreds of effects that stylize, distort, generate new elements, and more; add or remove film grain; bring images and text to life by animating them with the Puppet tool. Text and vector graphics creation and animation Create text and vector graphics in After Effects using familiar Adobe tools, and then animate these elements to create visually innovative work.

Timesaving tools Start projects quickly with animation presets and behaviors. Use Brainstorm to experiment and to refine designs. Learn fast with Tool Tips and training resources, and help speed the review process with Adobe Clip Notes. Comprehensive masking and keying tools Control which portions of a layer are visible by drawing and animating masks.

Easily get precise results with flexible auto-tracing options and RotoBezier masks. Remove greenscreen backgrounds with Keylight and myriad supporting tools. Powerful motion and keyframing controls Apply motion blur to produce realistic animations.

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Slow down and speed up footage using Timewarp. Edit keyframes using the Graph Editor. Match source footage using the Motion Tracker. Remove unwanted movement with the Motion Stabilizer. Responsive performance Harness your computer's processing power with easier to adjust multicore and graphics acceleration. Disk caching allows you to spend less time waiting and more time creating. Distribute rendering across your network to maximize output performance. Professional results for every media type Produce animated content for virtually any media, from the web and mobile devices to film and broadcast, thanks to comprehensive output format support.

High-fidelity color Get precise, predictable color with high dynamic range bit-per-channel, floating point color, the use of ICC-based color management tools, and ProEXR support for exchanging files with other applications that support high dynamic range color. SuperSpeed RamDisk Plus Related Articles. MAC Manufacturer: Adobe Category: Requirements CPU: Multicore Intel processor Operating System: Mac OS X v OpenGL 2.

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Sage Master Builder: For CS3 on Windows, there are almost no. All other instructions remain the same as for CS4 above. Please see this update about CS3. Did these links work for you? Hope they helped out; please let us know with a comment below… And please see our companion page if you want the direct links for the new CC products.

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Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Reference Well, you need to follow the download directions given in the post above, before clicking on the links.

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If you still have any difficulties, then try a different web browser, another computer, or Internet connection. Why not — what happened exactly? Just tested and all those old links still download OK for us here. However they are all unsupported and may not work on newer operating systems. Hello folks, i already had downloaded Premiere Pro CS4 from this site. But that contained a virus. So i was confused and i downloaded it again. But my anti-virus showed a malware in both the files. It could only warn me. From there i uninstalled it.

If you think you have this virus in your pc, Do one thing. See if there is a folder by the name of Microsoft in C: If you see this, then your pc is infected. So far there are few topics that tell you how remove it. But that is different story. So i downloaded the same file for Western Europe region.

From the Second link. That was fine. But beware of Creative Suite 4 Trials English , the first link. I bet the people who are using this link, even their pc is already infected by this virus. It just multiplies and multiplies. Rendering your exe file useless, the PC will say it is a corrupted file.

I am trying to warn the people and i think you should re-upload those files too. Sorry, you are mistaken. You may well have had a virus on your computer, but you definitely did not get it from any downloads on this page, or from anywhere on our website. We are not a pirate site, and do not offer cracks or hacks of Adobe software… We have never offered illegal or unauthorized downloads, and never will.

Everything linked here is absolutely authentic and legitimate. End of story. Hello ProDesign, thank you for accepting my post. I totally agree; you are not a pirate site. I am not questioning your authenticity and your work ethics. I am on your side too.

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I am aware a user can get a setup file from anywhere, especially if its a warez site. But i downloaded your Premiere Pro CS4 file because it can run on a 32bit machine. After CS4 and above, it is available only for a 64bit machine. I am so sorry; i forgot to mention, the bootstrapper file which is only 1. Please download all parts. But i downloaded from the File 2 link.

Then it downloads the file which is 1.

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But run and install it and then run the program. That is when it creates a file by the name desktoplayer. The anti-virus is not able to detect it, only after it is created would it notify the user.

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If left unchecked it will multiply again and again. After restoring my PC over a months time. My system is clean, i use an anti-virus especially only for USB and i also use a Anti-executable program. Then i have a Restoring Program too. Which allows me to restore to previous a clean state any time. The Anti-executable will notify before running any exe file. And i remember the name of that infected file. But now my system is clean.